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〇  2019/10/03 GeneSiC Semiconductor has launched engineering samples of SiC MOSFETs in 3.3KV/80A, SOT-227 packages (GR40MT33N) for customer element experiments and research. A preliminary data sheet is also available.

 〇 2017/10/10 SiTune will supply engineering samples of THE STN6528 TV tuner IC for ISDB T/S/S3 4K and 8K TV and will also have a preliminary data sheet.

〇  2020/12/21 Solitron Devices, Inc and our company have signed a contract for a Japanese distributor. Solitron Devices Inc is a Si and SiC power discrete and module device manufacturer that also handles JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, Space level screening.

〇 2020/12/29 Modular Power Technology and our company have signed an agreement for a Japanese distributor. Modular Power Technology is a dedicated manufacturer of step-down DC/DC switching converter modules with integrated inductor by achieving smallest footprint and best performance.



We will pay effort to answer to your needs for energy, power and communication market evolution from the current to the future.
And we will survey available electronic components corresponding to the revolutionary communication and  power application.
And we aim to introduce those to customers with timaly manner.

We are very advanced semiconductor electronic components trading company and consulting company here in Japan.



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