Technical Support Reference Example
Manufacturer new product information, device application notes, manufacturer reliability data, using devices support for customers with including the key peripheral devices in surrounding circuits , operating waveform analysis using LTspice simulator,etc., and we will give our best effort level response to our customers with
timely manner. 
(1) Example for RF-based semiconductor electronic components application
We will interview customers to get the specifications for high-frequency parts of the Schottky barrier diode, varactor diode, LNA and after this, we will offer customer adequate components wuich meet customer's needs.
(2)Regard the power system semiconductor electronic parts support.
We listen customer's circuit topology (Boost or buck converter chopper circuit, single-phase full-bridge or half-bridge circuit, synchronous rectification circuit,etc..) information and the operating condition for those circuit. And then, we will investigate adequate device out of devices based on Si or SiC or GaN for customer. And then, we will recommend it to customer with preparing technical documentation,  


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