RF Semiconductor Parts
SiTune Corporation
Manufacturer name : SiTune Corporation

Full Spectrum Receiver  (S/T) TV Tuner IC.


Manufacturer name : T.B.A

Discrete Diode, MOSFET, Transistor, MMIC for RF application.




 Power semiconductor parts & Mechanical components for power system.
Manufacturer name : GeneSiC Semiconductor

SiC Power Component 

Discrete diode, MOSFET, Power module and wide band gap devices (SiC,GaN),Gate driver, for  SMPS, UPS, Battery electricity storing and discharging systems,Power conditioning, application.
 *SiC MPS Diode:
 *SiC PiN Diode:
 *SiC Junction Transistors: 
Manufacturer name : T.B.A,

Transformer, Coil, etc.


 Semiconductor parts for Communication-application.  
 Mechanical components for communication application,

Manufacturer name : T.B.A,

IC for USB, blue Tooth, WiFi, Network Processor, etc.,、


Manufacturer name : T.B.A,

Rj45 LAN connector, etc.


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