RF power Semiconductor Parts
Navitas Semiconductor Inc.
* GaN Power IC
GaNFast family & GaNSense family
GaNFast : Optimized Gate drive IC + GaN Power FET
GaNSense : Optimized Gate drive IC + Various Protection Function IC by                          using lossless current sensor + GaN Power FET 






 Power semiconductor parts & Mechanical components for power system.
Manufacturer name : GeneSiC Semiconductor

SiC Power Component 

Discrete diode, MOSFET, Power module and wide band gap devices (SiC,GaN),Gate driver, for  SMPS, UPS, Battery electricity storing and discharging systems,Power conditioning, application.
 *SiC MPS Diode:
 *SiC PiN Diode:
 *SiC Junction Transistors: 



Solitron Devices, Inc is supplying Si & SiC power devices for more than 200 defense and aerospace applications.



Solitron Devices Inc's product URLs are as follows:


*SiC MOSFETs:                             carbide-mosfets/


*SiC Diodes:                             carbide-diodes/


*SiC Diodes:                             carbide-power-modules/


*DC-DC Converters:


*Small signal jfets:


*Voltage regulators:


*Power Mosfets:


*1200V IGBT SD11428:



* Modular Power Technology Inc.(

Product information for modular power technology is as follows:

12V, 1A - 3A,Step-down DC/DC switching converter with integrated inductor module product.

Part NumberInput Voltage (V)Output Voltage (V)Output Current (A)
MPT11201IQ 6.0 -180.6-5.0  1
MPT11202IQ6.0 -180.6-5.0  2
MPT11203IQ6.0 -180.6-5.0  3
*5V, 1A - 3A,Step-down DC/DC switching converter with integrated inductor module product. 
Part NumberInput Voltage (V)Output Voltage (V)Output Current (A)
MPT10501IQ 4.5 -80.6-3.3  1
MPT10502IQ4.5 -80.6-3.3  2
MPT10503IQ4.5 -80.6-3.3  3
New products to plan to release samples in Jan.,2021;
*12V, 10A - 30A,Step-down DC/DC switching converter with integrated inductor module product.
Part NumberInput Voltage (V)Output Voltage (V)Output Current (A)
* Discrete DC/DC solutions rapidly converting to Modules
* Ease of use – plug and play. No need for Experienced
   Power Design engineers
* Increasing Space constraints in Systems boards.


* Requires Packaging, Magnetics and Systems 
   design expertise for Modules.
* Requires Module manufacturing expertise to

   provide high reliability and quality in modules

* MPT has experience and expertise releasing

   a range of Power Modules for Industrial and

   Automotive markets.

Manufacturer name : T.B.A,

IC for USB, blue Tooth, WiFi, Network Processor, etc.,、




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